Customer Reviews
We were referred to Buyingblock by friends who said they'd help us understand the ins and outs of purchasing a home in Toronto. We felt a bit intimidated, being first-time purchasers, and unaware of what we needed to do and how. The team at Buyingblock was incredible - they went above and beyond: from providing us with a primer seminar about home purchasing (in our home, over the holidays, no less - making it easier for us, as we have a toddler and both work full-time - one of us in non-profit and the other as a teacher with the TDSB); to arranging meetings, viewings, and a mortgage (way below what any of the banks would give us when we went to inquire); to helping with the legal issues; and even arranging and meeting with an electrician on our behalf for a rewiring estimate! The team really listened to us, to our needs and wishes, and were incredibly helpful in answering our (sometimes stupid) questions. They were patient and supportive and helped us learn what we needed to know fast. We're thrilled with our new home, and are enthusiastically recommending the team to our friends who are thinking about home purchasing.
Nadien Godkewitsch and Finnigan Henderson
I heard about from a friend who read about them in the Toronto Star and saw them on Breakfast Television. I was trying to get my mortgage from a bank but they were unable to help me. I'm so thankful I contacted, they were fantastic! Michael was able to get me my mortgage and help me with everything even when my bank couldn't. Thanks to him and the team, you've made a life long dream come true! Now I have a garage for the Harley and a backyard for the dog! A place to call home! I have their business cards and I will definitely refer them to my friends and family!
Florence Michaud & Steven Fabian
Buying a new home is such a huge decision and committing to a mortgage agreement is scary enough. The last thing I wanted to think about was stressing over getting a lawyer or inspector. Buyingblock not only offered me the best mortgage rate, they also helped me get a contractor, lawyer and inspector. It was like a one stop shop for all my homebuying needs! It was fantastic! I was so impressed with the professionals at Buyingblock. They were all experienced individuals and best of all, the cost was cheaper than trying to get them on my own! Buyingblock basically took care of my whole homebuying process! My family and I are so thankful and grateful.
Levy & George Gagui.
I would like to say thank you to Michael for his attention to our tricky financing situation. We're students and we had a rookie mortgage broker's financing fall through one day after (yes AFTER) the closing date. We were granted an impossibly short extension by the Seller's lawyer and called Michael for help. Michael collected all of our information and had an approval in less than three business days, despite the fact that the other broker hadn't been able to do this in three weeks. If Mike can get a suitable mortgage for our difficult situation, I can imagine how good he is at more conventional mortgage situations. I will not go to another mortgage broker in the GTA. For service and speed, I choose Mike Pezzack.
Alexander Gittens, MBA and CFO.
Michael made the whole mortgage process seamless for my family. I used to work for a major bank and did my own mortgage, but never again. As a mortgage broker, Michael had the ability to shop around for the best rate making it simpler for me. I can't imagine anyone else not using a mortgage broker nowadays, especially when it's at no extra cost. I had such a great experience with him that I decided to go back for his services, but this time, the deal was more complicated. Needless to say there were some roadblocks, but Michael did his research and was able to give us an answer and explanation to all of our questions. He wasn't afraid of doing extra work in order to get the deal done properly. I have nothing but praise for Michael and I've sent over many referrals.
Ryan Halladay.
I am 28 years old and work for a bank. Dollars are tight so I'm always shopping for the best deals. Buyingblock got me the lowest possible mortgage rate, even beating my employee discounted rate! So much for employee benefits eh? There are so many steps to the home buying process that I was completely unaware of and Buyingblock guided me through each step. I was able to get an inspection, mortgage, and insurance all in one place! It was hassle free. I don't think I could have had a better experience anywhere else. I will definitely be coming back to use their other services and have recommended Buyingblock to all my friends and family.
Adam, Banking Manager.
My wife and I had an excellent experience dealing with Mike as our broker. He was very helpful and extremely accommodating. He would meet us wherever and whenever it was convenient for us. Whether it was at a pub, over brunch, at home, on the weekend or evenings, he was willing to meet our schedule. He was also available over the phone and email which made our lives easy. When it came down to decision time, he offered us several different mortgages which he believed suited our needs based on our discussions, but left the ultimate decision to us. He did not push one company or price over another. He also sent us background information on mortgage rates and the economy that we found helpful and interesting. Since that time we have referred at least 4 or 5 other mortgages his way. I would recommend Michael to anyone if they are looking for a mortgage.
Jason (Toronto).
Michael helped me with a renewal that I had left to the last minute. I was originally with a major bank and had been referred to him to see if I can get a better rate. I left a message for him on a Saturday, not expecting a call back since it was a weekend, but to my surprise he called me that afternoon! I told him my situation and the time constraints and he was able to give me a quote by the next day. I have absolutely no knowledge of the mortgage industry and Michael was very thorough and walked me through the whole process. In addition, he even helped me resolve the complications I had with my original financial institution when transferring to the new financial institution. I was so impressed with my positive experience that I've sent many referrals his way.
Jay Yocom.
You would be hard pressed to find another broker/company like Buyingblock. I am so grateful to them as they stepped in at a time when my previous mortgage broker was not able to deliver on his commitment to me. They relieved so much stress for me and my family as I had a mortgage that was closing in less than a month. They not only stepped up with a phenomenal rate, but they also provided an excellent client experience. In terms of client experience, they were extremely efficient, took ownership, was very thorough, and really made me feel valued as the client and at ease so I could focus on actual in-home responsibilities. My broker Rodney Litigio went above and beyond as he actually connected me to many of his service partners and often stayed after hours to ensure my deal would close with no surprises all the while keeping me abreast every step of the way. I also feel like I have forged a friendship at the same time.
Buyingblock, the company that keeps on giving.
Buyingblock helped me buy my first investment property, on April of 2007. Although I have owned the property for 8 months now they have stuck true to their word - they truly are one stop home buying and home ownership. I continue to use BB for various renovations needs - I have gotten a plumber and electrician from Buyingblock. Although the jobs were small - there were no surprises, the contractors were courteous to my tenants and no complaints all around. I would definitely recommend BB not just for the one stop home buying aspect but for the continued service once the deal is done. How many other real estate companies do that.
Happy Buyingblock Client,
Ewelina Lipska
As a single, first time home buyer I was very lucky to have found Michael Pezzack as a mortgage agent. I was more than a little nervous and overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made and information to sort through. I had tried to negotiate a mortgage rate on my own and had gone to many banks but could not get a rate I liked or the amount of money I wanted. I was referred to Michael and he quickly found a couple of great mortgage options for me. He took the time to explain everything to me at great length because I really had no idea how it all worked. He went beyond being a mortgage agent as he helped me find a good lawyer and explained all the things I would need to do in order to close as well. Michael's knowledge and expertise made me feel way more confident through out the process of buying my first home.
Louisa Donelan
I am sincerely very impressed and touched by your services Michael. I have no idea why many companies out there do not have a Michael Pezzack kind of attitude and approach. If it were not for you, believe you me, I would be in pieces right now and never would I ever want to buy another house. Thanks a million and may as much and more be given to you by the Mighty Power! May the universe converge to give you the very best of whatever it has the best of, which is part of your wish! Amen!
Thanks so much Scott! And thank you for being so helpful and attentive over the past month, I couldn't have asked for a better experience with selecting a mortgage that was right for me.
Brooks LeBoeuf
I have been working with for sometime now.  Bruce and his team have been amazing to work with.  They provide prompt, courteous and professional service to clients and industry colleagues alike.  Their platform is easy to navigate and very cutting edge.   They continue to improve by implementing feedback received from clients, colleagues and suppliers.  I encourage all my clients to register on the as I believe they help to make the home buying process simple and painless.
Edward Wang
Jan. 18 2011 Being a first time home buyer purchasing an assignment, I was absolutely lost with this unique type of purchase. Having visited several bank employed brokers, I was extremely frustrated with their lack of knowledge and willingness to be helpful and informative. So, I thought I'd take a chance with and am extremely thankful for the experience I had with Scott Henson. My whole buying process took almost a year and Scott was continually providing me with updates, watching mortgage rates, and finding ways for me to get the kind of mortgage I wanted. He kept me well informed throughout the entire process, was always available to answer my many, many questions, and gave me the information I needed to be able to make a decision I was comfortable with. I really felt he was looking out for my best interests throughout the entire process, a complete 180 from my experience with bank brokers. I would recommend Scott & to anyone looking for a mortgage broker and am sure they will exceed all your expectations!
Danielle K